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Innovative, highly creative professional with a comprehensive software development background in web applications and web services. Proven expertise in the specialties of backend development, API design, SOA, large-scale web services, and server administration. Strong leadership abilities in managing complex software projects, directing teams of software engineers, and developing team policies. Skilled in mentoring peers and staff in code development. Language fluency in English and Spanish.

Personal Projects

Circle Waves

Circle Waves - A Web Toy

An HTML/Javascript based toy inspired by an entrancing Gif.

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Defretry - Method Retry Micro-library

Rubygem to add configurable retry logic to methods and blocks of code.

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Gifantry - Personal Image Organizer

Rails based open source web app that allows bulk upload and categorization/tagging of images and allows full text search and quick direct link copy.

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Wordlick - Hangman Solver

Solves Hangman. Input already guessed letters of a word and this micro-app will figure out the most likely word solutions.

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Wyncode Instructor

Taught a class on building a web server with Ruby from scratch. Wrote the curriculum material and led a class through implementing their own handcrafted Ruby server. Answered questions and encouraged students to further use their creation.

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Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Bloomberg (Oct 2018 - Present)

Member of the Bloomberg Law Web Engineering team developing a SaaS based legal research app.


  • Working in an Agile software development team.
  • Developing full stack features in a containerized SOA environment.

Coding Mentor - Trilogy Education (Jan 2019 - Present)

Mentoring web development bootcamp students.

Vice President of Engineering - Kipu Health (2013 - 2018)

Kipu Health is a SAAS based medical software company specializing in EMR and lab integrations where I lead a team of software engineers and liaised with other departments and third parties. I was the goto senior engineer for programming help and questions from the team. I consulted the CTO on software related challenges. I was a lead architect on software projects. I improved collaboration and planning by researching and applying appropriate tools and processes. I mentored junior engineers and conducted code reviews and pair programming sessions. I'm was in charge of technical interviews and had a final say on hiring. I planned sprints, improved documentation and the onboarding process for new hires.


  • Lead the growth of a team of 3 software engineers into a team of 20, meanwhile the company grew from dozens to hundreds of clinical facility clients.
  • Instituted team policies and software tools for collaboration, communication, and remote work.
  • Designed and built a high reliability asynchronous API architecture supporting millions of request per second
  • Lead hiring, code reviews, and mentoring efforts

Senior Software Engineer - Octagon Commerce (2011 - 2013)

Architected a fault tolerant service oriented architecture framework. Lead internal software projects and pair programmed through feature development. Developed and maintained user facing features as well as internal apps. Was on standby for emergency situations and successfully debugged and fixed live production code on multiple occasions. Improved and refactored legacy code and tests. Presented research projects to the team to evangelize state of the art techniques and paradigms.


  • Designed and built a service oriented framework with asynchronous message passing and message delivery reliability.
  • Tasked with frontend and backend engineering projects.

Founding Engineer - US Self Storage Locator (2010 - 2011)

Architected an application framework from the ground up. Lead development of a new business. Created platform for admins, site owners, and users to efficiently search for and rent self storage units. Lead marketing efforts and provided direction on all matters of development and marketing in a startup environment. Setup office network with Active Directory and installed computes, a server, and backups.


  • Designed and built a SAAS platform for self storage marketing, search, and booking.

Founding Engineer - Grey Robot Inc. (2009 - 2011)

Started as a freelancer and then teamed up with my brother and a friend to develop apps for businesses. Provided website and web app development services to small businesses and professionals. Developed a customizable and themable open source CMS system for reuse in all web app projects. Mentored an intern through sales and client meetings. Executed marketing and sales responsibilities. Provided maintenance and support. Performed devops duties and automation.


  • Built a highly customizable and theme-able Rails based Content Management System.
  • Used homebrewed CMS to launch client websites.

Web Developer - Rumbum LLC. (2009 - 2010)

Backend/Frontend Web Development.

IT Technician - Port of Everglades, LLC. (2007 - 2008)

Developed a mobile app for tracking ingress and egress of truck drivers in the port yard as an improvement of a paper based workflow. Provided IT support for the administrative office in the port. Ran and installed ethernet cabling, solar powered WIFI access points in key location in the port yard, and troubleshooted computer and various device issues. Installed an asset management system and registered all office assets.

Systems Administrator - LTC Global (2006 - 2007)

Install and maintain office network and workstations. Provide IT support to staff.

IT Field Technician - Intechcenter (2005 - 2006)

Support, Consulting, Network/Systems Administration, Network Planning and Implementation. Built PCs and servers. Managed office IT responsibilities for multiple private and commercial clients.


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